SJC Service Agreements

Many clients are taking advantage of the SAN JOAQUIN CHEMICALS, INC., service agreement for the following reasons:

1) Our service agreements provide products and services at approximately the same cost we calculated you would have incurred when purchasing chemicals outright.

2) Our clients will only be billed if a monthly service visit and written report is submitted. If there is no service performed then there is no charge for the month.

3) Water treatment costs are evenly distributed over the annual period and there is no price increase for the contract period.

4) There are no surprises; billing is the same every month.

5) We supply chemical for a set fee therefore if the feed system malfunctions and uses excess chemical, there is no extra expense to the client.

6) We guarantee the condensers and or boilers, if a condenser and or boiler becomes fouled and our water treatment program is deemed responsible we will provide the chemicals to clean the system at no extra cost to the client.

7) Test reagents are included in the contract price.

8) Chemical and reagent deliveries are included in the contract price.